My Intent: “Challenge” Accepted!


A month or so ago, while reading about Joules’ experience at the BlogHer conference this year, I noticed a fun, customized bracelet she acquired: a simple metal ring with “joules” on it, tied on with a light cord. I just found it so intriguing that she had it made for her there that I had to track it down.

Turns out, the maker of the bracelet, My Intent, is yet another cool organization — like TOMS or Out of Print — that is in existence for more beyond consumers simply buying products. While there is not pay-it-forward quality to My Intent, their aim and goal is to create dialog: everyone has a word or phrase that synopsizes a story, mindset or intention for them. What would happen if you wore that word, almost like your heart on your sleeve? What if everyone could see this engaging, yet subtle, piece and ask you about it? You talk, you share, you connect. And I loved that idea instantly and couldn’t resist.

Within a day of reading through the My Intent site — looking at pictures, reading stories — I had to buy a piece. After thinking long and hard, I decided to opt for “challenge.”

I’m naturally a super quiet, shy person. I can certainly be open and giving in specific circumstances, like at work, but I naturally safeguard myself extensively personally, to the point sometimes of near debilitation. This piece is a reminder to myself to accept challenge in life — to put myself forward, even if it scares the hell of out of me; to take risks, despite that being against my nature; or, simply, to voice my thoughts and opinions to those who oppose, literally to challenge others. This is daily reinforcement to step up and out of my comfort zone, knowing it’ll be scary and wonderful all at once.

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