About Me


My name is Jenn. I like colorful clothes, cute but practical shoes, and red lipstick. I’ve got messy hair and curves. That’s the heart of this blog.

I live with my partner B. He takes my photos. We have three cats. They like to make appearances in said photos. It’s always fun with felines.

When I’m not looking for the perfect dress, I can be found managing a museum, running around a theatre, or rummaging through a used bookstore. Or making ice cream…

You’ll always see what I’m wearing — especially to work in the non-profit world. Poke around and you’ll catch some dashes of what I’m reading, theatre productions I’m digging, and life practices I’m trying out. (Don’t worry, I don’t proselytize.)

If you have questions concerning any items you see on this site or, in general, want to contact me, feel free to email me at yoursimplecitydress@gmail.com.

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