Springing Over Spring

The new norm in New England is to jump straight from winter to summer. No joke. On Friday, May 1st, I wore corduroys, a heavy sweater and knee-high, riding boots to work because the high was predicted to be 42 degrees. Friday, the 7th — exactly a week later — the high was 82 and I was wearing a sundress. Oy.

It’s been a while since I’ve popped on here: simply, I’ve been outright busy with work! My daily schedule has me consistently running from my full-time job at a museum to a number of post-work activities, including leading work events, heading to my part-time job at a theatre, attending training sessions for either position. The weeks have been been divided into lots of work, lots of sleep, and little fun — including taking some time to sit down and write! I’m hoping, in the least ironic way possible, for this lack of balance to be an upcoming blog post soon. I had a day or two of brainstorming general blog fodder, so it’s nice when topics come up organically.

In the meantime, I have taken five minutes every few days or so to have my partner B snap photos of my latest outfits. Here are my favorites from the past few weeks.


Dress: Stitch Fix

Tank: Old Navy

Shoes: Dansko

Watch: Fossil


Blouse: Stitch Fix

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: TOMS

Watch: Fossil


Yellow Blouse: Gap

Teal Tank: Old Navy

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: TOMS (similar)

Watch: Fossil

Lipstick: “Peony” from ModelCo via Birchbox


Dress: Maggie London via TJ Maxx website

Shoes: BC Footwear

Watch: Fossil

Lipgloss: “Pixi Pink” by Pixi via Birchbox

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