Pretty in Pink

B and I have off schedules sometimes, as we we work opposite shifts. While not the case today, it’s not unusual for us to see in each other in the morning when he’s coming home from work and I’m heading out. We get a quick few minutes to interact in a capacity I’ve always resisted: him as photographer and me as subject. I get to be a ham, try to make him smile, and really make the best of what little time we share. Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve asked him on several mornings to take some photos of me. Like most bloggers I’m sure, I choose the best ones to display: the ones with the best light when the outfit drapes in the best way and I magically look half-way decent. I skip most of the photos that are silly for B’s benefit: shaking my toosh, blowing kisses, falling over — the things that the internets doesn’t need to see.

I really liked my outfit today because it was comfortable and easy to wear; simple, yet colorful; casual, yet coordinated. But what I enjoyed more were the outtakes from this morning — my goofiness and laughter, my ease with B. I shimmied around, demonstrated 50’s photo stances, and pretended to karate kick the camera. A couple photos were “blog-worthy,” while the rest were silly. Enjoy!


Cardigan: LOFT

Jeans: Gap

Tank: Old Navy

Scarf: Marshall’s

Bag: TJ Maxx

Shoes: Naturalizer via DSW



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