Back to Basics

Sometimes, on crummy days, I pull out my fabulous yellow pants because they are all sunshine and happiness. They simply make me smile, and that’s my small attempt at making the day better.




Pants: LOFT

Blue Shirt: Old Navy

Tank: Old Navy

Shoes: TOMS

Watch: Fossil

This week has been hard. You may notice in the photos that I have a huge bandage on my foot; I got a nasty rope burn on Monday from a dog leash. On Wednesday, we had an after hours event for volunteers that simply didn’t go as expected and several people let me know their critical thoughts, albeit surprisingly graciously, via follow-up surveys. And today, Friday, a couple of colleagues are annoyed at me — one justifiably so, the other not so much. These pants are working extra hard to combat all the negativity lately.

I’m just looking forward to a long weekend away from work, spending time with friends (one who’s moving at the end of the summer, another who’s visiting after settling elsewhere). B and I will work in the garden a bit too, maybe even set-up a new hammock. We’re also slated to paint our bedroom too. Photos promised of all these endeavors.

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