So, This is What Happens When There’s a Full Moon During Mercury Retrograde

I’ve had this outfit post ready to share on Tuesday, June 2nd. I wanted to write about seeing Joules’ Instagram posting on wearing a pretty, sunshine-y outfit on a rainy day and how that influenced me to switch things up a bit. I also wanted to write about feeling like a professional educator for once. Oh, and the woes of odd clothing necessities based on jobs…

But then the day kind of fell apart. There were a lot of work things that came up unexpectedly, needing more attention than I realized: a significant last minute change for large school tour in the morning, followed by several (also last minute) requests for events and tours in the afternoon, all in addition to impromptu maintenance meetings, a stressed colleague and general museum patronage. I was beat just with trying to keep all of that straight.

Then I had a text from my father saying that my mother had totaled her vehicle while running errands.

While I wasn’t able to leave the museum early or skip the theatre entirely that night, I was able to cut out a little early on Tuesday evening and get over to my folks’ to see how everyone was faring. My mom was sore, which was expected, but no major injuries thankfully. And her dog, who actually cracked the windshield with his head, acted like nothing happened. (Yes, they brought him to the vet and the vet said he was fine. I honestly think this his skull is made of titanium.) While it was a huge relief to know everyone was safe, as with any accident, it’s simply exhausting to worry.

So what’s the significance of this post’s title? On my way home that night, I looked up and realized that it was a full moon. Plus, for those of you who may follow astrology, we’re also in the midst of mercury retrograde, a period during which everything can go askew. So. There we have it: the fuzzy reasons why life gets crazy sometimes.


Shirt: Stitch Fix

Cardigan: Loft (and I thought I would never wear this when I bought it!)

Skirt: Dalia via TJ Maxx website

Tights: Target

Shoes: TOMS

Watch: Fossil

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