Where is My Mind?

Long time, no see, friends!

This isn’t a fashion post so much as a catch-up session. Where have I been? HOME!

B had ACL reconstruction last week, so I took the week off to be with him. I’ll say this: nothing disrupts a fashion blog like not having to actually get dressed for a week! As I haven’t needed to go anywhere except the garden or maybe a quick run to the grocers, I haven’t put together anything worth documenting.

Here, though, a few images of what life has been like since my last appearance.

IMG_4005 IMG_4040 IMG_4057 IMG_4068 IMG_4046 IMG_4050

My break included bandages, cat cone collars, tomatoes and home projects. I also enjoyed napping in the afternoon occasionally. Oh the luxuries!

Now that I’m back at work — with some looming events now and into the fall — I’ll hopefully be back at this regularly. Missed you, folks!

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