I’m Berry, Berry Tired

Last night was my first shift back at the theatre, and, phew, I was beat today! I had forgotten how hard 12+ hour days can be!

Waking up this morning was a struggle, especially since it was so grey and dreary out. I think I changed my outfit three times — each one, unintentionally, having a polka dotted element to it. I finally settled on black on black, with a dash of pink to brighten things up. One of the ways of making sure today’s outfit worked was making sure I could stretch in it. Odd, right? I pulled out the old half moon pose followed by hands to feet posture from Bikram yoga, to help awaken some muscles up. My cats think I’m a weirdo.

IMG_3075[1]IMG_3067[1] IMG_3070[1] IMG_3072[1]

Tank: Old Navy

Cardigan: LOFT

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: TOMS

Necklace: Kohl’s?

One of my favorite ways to look awake (notice I said “look awake” and not “feel awake) is a good old swath of red lipstick. I also couldn’t resist sampling the new vampy hue I received yesterday from Birchbox, called “Smitten” from ModelCo. I own two other great shades from this brand because they’re so highly pigmented and, even when they do fade, they still leave a wonderful tint. It was another helluva day — including a meeting I was not looking forward to and a second round at the theatre tonight — so I used some of my favorite tricks to look and feel professional.

4 thoughts on “I’m Berry, Berry Tired

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