Lesson #2: Ask for More Money

Women are statistically less likely than their male counterparts to negotiate wages when offered a new job. Why? Because it’s not “nice” or “polite.” This social norm prolongs the unfair wage distribution between sexes, all because ladies think they should be grateful to have work (despite producing results equal to men’s but making up to thousands less to do so). 

I’ve done this only once – negotiated my pay after a job offer. Was it scary? Of course! But the worst that could happen would be them saying “no” and rescinding the offer. But what could be the best outcome? They say “yes” and I’d earn more. And reality would probably exist between those two poles (which is exactly what happened). 

This experience truly changed the way I thought about my work life. Instead of thinking that my employer got me for a song (one of the reasons I left my previous position), I knew I would be taken seriously, that my time and efforts would be valued. I still work in the non-profit world (woo, arts and humanities!) so I’m far from being a millionaire, but I’m slightly better off because I asked for more. 

Have you asked for more money? Did it work or backfire? If you haven’t asked for more, why not? 

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