Christmas Carol Style

The theatre that I work at produces an annual production of Charles Dickins’ A Christmas Carol. They do a great job of switching up casting, costumes, sets, and overall vision from year to year, so it’s always fun to see a new rendition.

As show we attended was on a weeknight and I was exhausted, I decided to play up the cozy and cute part of fall and winter with a cranberry sweater dress, big fuzzy scarf and comfy boots. It was a no fuss get-up, which was the most appealing part of going out for yet-another-late-night.


Dress: LOFT

Scarf: Target?

Boots: Naturalizer via Zappos

Glasses: ELLE

You don’t get to see my glasses a whole lot on here. I have to wear them for long distances (like driving or watching shows), but I tend not to have them on regularly especially when puttering around the house in the morning. They’re snazzy and distinct because of the red frames. (If you can’t tell: I really like color in my wardrobe.) With a red dress and red glasses, I had to wear red lipstick too!

The show was great fun this year! The actors did a lovely job making a holiday staple lively and punchy without feeling fake. And the actor who played Scrooge had the ebullience of a child after witnessing Christmases past, present and future.

The production put B and I into a glowing, festive spirit especially when we realized that this will be the first real holiday season in our new home. (We moved on December 21 last year; Christmas morning was spent sitting on boxes in our disorganized, couch-less living room.) I’ll also add that it was so much easier to sit and watch the performance this year, simply because neither of us felt anxious about packing and moving! I look back to this time last year and simply don’t know how we each worked 60+ hour work weeks, packed our apartment, and prepped for the holidays.

Oh! Lest I forget, my adorable date for the night!


Look at that cutie! (That may or may not be a big kiss on his cheek!)

Yes, he’s wearing green pants. No, we didn’t coordinate our Christmas-y ensembles. We’re simply awesome that way.

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