Polka Dots and Platforms

I sometimes forget that it’s perfectly all right to wear a simple white tee-shirt when there’s other stuff going on in the outfit that’s dramatic, like this polka dotted skirt and these platform shoes. I don’t think I verbalized that when I dressed this morning, but looking at photos, I can see that those two elements are striking enough that I didn’t need to add another visual competitor. Ah, I like when my intuition works before my morning coffee! Huzzah!

I scored this bottom from TJ Maxx’s website: the suggested MSRP on the tag was $78, but I bought it for only $20! The platforms are from TOMS, my go-to for summer sandals. After getting used to the straps putting some pressure on my ankles, I think they’re pretty comfortable; they provide some height without sacrificing the comfort of flats! I’m working my two jobs back-to-back today, so I brought extra set of sandals in case I couldn’t take running around the theatre in these, but they’ve been great thusfar.




Shirt: Old Navy

Skirt: TJ Maxx

Shoes: TOMS

Watch: Fossil

Bracelet and Rings: Larry Nelson of Global Odyssey

Necklace: Lunahoo on Etsy

I’ve been wearing my hair up a lot lately. The temperatures and humidity are climbing in New England. I’m also toying with the idea of going short, so these are my final forays into wearing it pinned up as such. There’s been a lot of talk in fashion magazines about the appeal of the “lob” — or the long bob. This clavicle-grazing cut is considering chic and versatile because it’s flattering to all face shapes and hair types. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my wavy hair and think it looks fun and unkempt in the best ways, but I’ve also been wearing my hair like this for the past five or six years. I don’t know, I’m feeling a change is needed. I may surprise y’all soon with a new ‘do!

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